March Winter Steelhead Report: Season of the Hog


Judging from some of the fish I’ve seen in the last week, it may not be safe to wade in some of Oregon’s coastal rivers. These big bucks look mad, and they have teeth! I advise staying in the boat. Seriously though, steelhead fishing has been good of late, with many coastal rivers falling into great condition in the wake of February’s flooding. Though hatchery returns are thinning out, as is typical for this time of year, the wild run of winter steelhead is still going strong and will continue through the end of March.

Image 6

Much of February, usually a great month to fish winter steelhead, was lost to prolonged high water, and it appears we are poised for another blowout: the forecast is calling for a few inches of rain over the next several days. That being said, things should drop back into shape before too long.

Image 1

I am booked up through the 17th, but have a lot of availability throughout the last couple weeks of March. It’s not too late to get out and wrestle some chrome! Call or email to arrange a day on the water.

Image 4

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  1. David Mattson

    Great looking fish

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