2017 Oregon Winter Steelhead Report

Winter Steelhead 2017

The 2017 Oregon winter steelhead season is off to a somewhat rocky start.  Although fishing has ranged from fair to good when river conditions have cooperated, we have had a lot fewer fishable days than is typical.  The winter season is always subject to occasional blowouts, but this year the weather has  been particuarly harsh; various snow storms, freezing rain events, and heavy rains, have made for less fishing opportunity.

Wild OR Winter Steelhead

Ty Holloway grips a nice one.

Wild OR Winter Steelhead

This photo is from a warm, dry day; rare so far this year.

When the rivers have been in shape, fishing has been reasonably good.  While there seem to be fewer fish around this year than we have seen the last several seasons, there have been some big ones in the mix.

Winter Steelhead 2017

It looks like we are coming into a nice, fishable window of opportunity next week.  I am booked solid through the end of February, but have a number of days open in March if anyone is interested.  March is a great month to fish some of our area rivers, with good steelhead abundance, and generally nicer weather.

Winter Steelhead 2017

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