Looking Ahead: Spring Trout Fishing on the McKenzie, and a Discount on Half Day Guided Trips

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow Trout

Throughout March and April 2017, I am offering a discounted rate for half day trips ($300) on the lower McKenzie. Late Winter and Spring offer some of the best fishing of the year for the lower McKenzie’s wild rainbow and cutthroat trout, with good nymphing opportunities throughout, and often great afternoon wet and dry fly fishing as the March Brown hatch materializes. The best early season fishing is during the middle of the day as things warm up a bit, and a half day trip is the perfect way to take advantage of this window of opportunity. A typical day involves meeting at 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning, and fishing until around 4:00 in the afternoon. All tackle, flies, etc. are included, along with beverages. All you need to bring is some rain gear, sunglasses, lunch, and a fishing license! What could be easier?

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow, cropped

Though it is still the second week of February, the lower McKenzie has already been fishing well for wild trout when water conditions have allowed. During the cold part of the winter, productive fishing for the larger trout is mostly limited to nymphing. As we move into March, however, the annual March Brown hatch will start to materialize, bringing the trout to the surface during the warmest part of the day. A typical day of fishing this time of year often involves fishing a number of different methods; nymphing, dropper-dry, swinging wet fly emergers, and dry fly fyshing. It is a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike to hone their skills and gain proficiency fishing these different methods.

Lower McKenzie Wild Rainbow

If anyone would like to arrange a day of fishing in March or April, I have a number of openings at this point.

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