2014 Oregon Winter Steelhead Report

Image 20

Over the last couple weeks we have had some rains to bring some fresh winter chrome into Oregon’s coastal river systems.

Image 5

Depending on the drainage and timing, we have seen great catches recently of both wild winter steelhead and bright, harvestable hatchery fish.

Image 14

As of this writing, there is a lot of snow on the ground in western Oregon, and with warm rains on their way, it seems we are poised for a blowout. However, as the high brown water drops and fades to green, there should be another group of bright fish in the coastal creeks and rivers.

Image 4

With about 7 weeks left to play in the 2014 winter steelhead season, we still have a lot to look forward to. New fish will continue to pull into streams of all size up and down the coast.

Image 15

Winter steelhead season is my favorite fishing of the year. While the conditions are changeable and the weather sometimes inclement, these fish are amazing and beautiful creatures.

Image 16

Though I have quite a few days booked over the next couple of weeks, I have a number of days still available this winter steelhead season, particularly in March. This is often the time of year when we see the biggest wild steelhead show up in our area streams! Please call or email if you would like to arrange a guided trip!

Image 13

The rivers of Oregon’s central coast offer some truly world class winter steelhead fishing opportunities!

Image 11

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