Oregon Winter Steelhead Report: Dry Conditions Lead to Low Water

It has been a long while since we have had a good rainfall here in western Oregon. Steelhead fishermen and guides up and down the coast are almost unanimous in their desire for a good freshet, to bring water levels up and draw some new fish into the coastal rivers. On the tail end of the last high water event, there was some good fishing on various streams along the coast, but more recently the fishing has gone a little stale.

Alsea River Winter Steelhead, hatchery hens

The fishing hasn’t dried up entirely, however, I have still been finding a few bright fish on the lower reaches of some of our central coast rivers.

Siuslaw River Winter Steelhead

I managed to get this young fisherman into his first winter steelhead a few days ago on the Siuslaw River.

Siuslaw River Winter Steelhead

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