Coastal Winter Steelhead Report: Bright Fish Arrive as Flood Waters Recede

Wild Oregon Winter Steelhead

Conditions on Oregon’s coastal winter steelhead streams are setting up for some great fishing in the coming week. With no precipitation in the forecast, levels will continue to fall in the wake of last week’s flooding. Some of the smallest streams have been fishing well for a couple of days now, but as we move into the new week, the larger river systems will start to fish well.

Wild Oregon Winter Steelhead

In the first week of January, we had similar conditions with a high water event followed by a prolonged dry spell, and there was some great steelhead fishing as the flows receded. The major difference this time around is that we have very mild weather currently, and relatively warm water temperatures. Under these conditions the fish tend to bite better, responding more aggressively to swung flies in particular.

Intruder:  Bruiser

Bottom line, success in the winter steelhead arena generally involves striking while the iron is hot. This week should be a great time to get out on the water.

Wild Oregon Winter Steelhead

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