2013 Winter Steelhead Season: Good to the Last Drop!


It was a great winter steelhead season throughout the central coast. Good fishing persists in some drainages that are still open, though the run is past its peak most everywhere, and many of the coastal systems are closed for the year.

Wild Oregon Winter Steelhead

2013 was an exceptional year. We had very light precipitation, no real blow-outs since December, and particularly of late, unseasonably pleasant weather. If these trends persist, we very well may have a drought on our hands this summer, but has been nice to worry about preventing sunburns rather than maintaining contact with fingers and toes while winter steelhead fishing.


I am already looking forward to next season! Here are a few pictures from recent trips.

Wild Oregon WInter Steelhead




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3 responses to “2013 Winter Steelhead Season: Good to the Last Drop!

  1. Tim

    Great photos—-great times and unbelievable guide!!!!

  2. Tim Becker

    You are such a great guide!!!! Thanks for the grey times. Looking forward to ramping up our fishing trips. We just landed the Longview Fibre account and there are about 40 people that want to fish. Will be fun.

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    • Ethan Nickel

      Thanks so much! Great fishing with you so much this winter, and I’m looking forward to another great summer season. I’m tying some salmonflies today and thinking about May!
      Best, Ethan

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