McKenzie and Willamette River Summer Steelhead Report

Though it is true that on average I don’t catch as many steelhead per day this time of year as I do in the fall, these spring steelhead are well worth the effort. There is no such thing as a “dark” summer steelhead currently in the Willamette Valley. The fish that have arrived in the McKenzie and Willamette, as well as the North and South Santiam are two-tone chromers. This fish is a prime example, caught by Matt Stansberry while fishing with me a couple of days ago.

Matt Stansberry Willamette Steelhead

All indications point to 2010 being a great summer steelhead year on the Willamette and all of its tributaries. The numbers of fish moving past Willamette falls are very encouraging. We already have decent numbers of fish in our local waters, with more on the way. The fish that are here now are the vanguard of the run, the bulk of which will show up throughout May, June and early July.

Willamette River Steelhead

The avid steelheader in Oregon gets very little respite. Just as the winter run peters out the summer fish start to arrive. It is an endless season that helps to make western Oregon such a great place to live.


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3 responses to “McKenzie and Willamette River Summer Steelhead Report

  1. Clayton

    I see Ethans truck every morning going for steelhead. The man for the job.

  2. Jim Mayol

    sign me up for site please. good seeing you on the river a few weeks ago!

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