Spring Special on Lower McKenzie Guided Trout Fishing

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow

Now through the end of April, I am offering a discounted rate for half day trips ($275) on the lower McKenzie. Late Winter and Spring offer some of the best fishing of the year for the lower McKenzie’s wild rainbow and cutthroat trout, with good nymphing opportunities throughout, and some good afternoon wet and dry fly fishing as the March Brown hatch materializes. The best early season fishing is during the middle of the day as things warm up a bit, and a half day trip is the perfect way to take advantage of this window of opportunity. A typical day involves meeting up around 9:00 or 9:30, and fishing until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. All tackle, flies, etc. are included, along with beverages. All you need to bring is some rain gear, sunglasses, lunch, and a fishing license! What could be easier?

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow Trout

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Coastal Winter Steelhead Report 1/30/13

Wild Oregon Winter Steelhead, cropped

Wild Winter Steelhead Buck

Recent warmer rains have brought an end to a prolonged cold and dry spell here in Western Oregon.  These freshets helped to improve winter steelhead fishing on area streams, raising and warming the water, and drawing new fish into various river systems.

Coastal River Scenery

The weather forecast predicts intermittent rains over the next week, which should keep river conditions hovering at a very fishable level.

Hatchery Oregon Winter Steelhead

Winter steelhead runs have been good so far this year on many of Oregon’s coastal streams.  Throughout much of January, we enjoyed good water conditions and some great fishing.  With two months left to go in the coastal steelhead season, we have a lot more to look forward to.

Wild Winter Steelhead Buck

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2013 Oregon Winter Steelhead Report: The New Year Brings Great Fishing



Since the end of December, the rivers I fish on the central coast have enjoyed good water conditions, with good numbers of steelhead holding and willing to take a fly in the likely spots.


On the tail end of the last high water event, all the fish I was encountering were two-toned chromers, fresh in from the salt. In the last week, some of the fish have started to show some color, particularly the bucks, but there have still been a lot of nice bright ones in the mix.



This strong early run is a great indicator of things to come. With a lot of fish around this early, chances are fishing will remain good throughout winter steelhead season (now through the end of March) as long as river conditions remain fishable.



I have enjoyed consistently great fishing over the last couple of weeks with some truly spectacular days. For anyone who is interested in seeing some of what the rivers draining Oregon’s coast range have to offer, please call or email. I have a lot of days available throughout late January, February, and March.


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Fall Steelhead Report: Deschutes River and Willamette River Flyfishing

Wild Deschutes River Steelhead

Here are a few photos from my fall steelhead season on the Willamette and Deschutes Rivers. As in any steelhead season, there have been great days and slow ones. It has been a another busy fall, with a packed schedule of great guests on both rivers.

Jeff Lynn with Willamette River Steelhead

The recent weather change has done a lot to improve the fishing on the Willamette. The last couple days of cloudy weather with some drizzle really renewed the fishes’ interest in the swung fly.

Willamette River Steelhead

Wild Deschutes River Buck Steelhead

The fishing on the Deschutes has been good at times, but like steelhead fishing often can be, inconsistent. While we are not looking at a great year over there in terms of the total run, we have been seeing some really nice-sized steelhead, and I have had, on average, better fishing than I have the last couple of seasons thus far.

Roger Hall with Wild Deschutes River Steelhead

Alex Richardson with Wild Deschutes River Steelhead

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Fall is Steelhead Time: Deschutes River, Willamette River, and McKenzie River Flyfishing Report


It may not quite be fall yet, but you can feel it in the air. The mornings have been cool and crisp. The shadows are lingering longer in the morning and creeping across the water earlier each afternoon. Cooler weather has done a lot to chill the water and heat up the bite over the last couple weeks, and things should only improve as we move deeper into September and October.



I have been taking fish on a number of different fly patterns over the past weeks. In the shaded hours of morning and evening, the summer steelhead have been responding well to traditional wet fly patterns swung on a floating line. Silver Hiltons, Skunks, and sparkly purple flies have been producing well for me under these conditions. When the sun gets on the water, I typically switch to some sort of sink tip and leech combination, but in my experience, it is not important to fish really dense lines or heavy flies this time of year. In water 2 to 6 feet deep, I typically swing a relatively sparse, unweighted leech pattern on a type 3 tip. Often, it is not important to fish the fly really deep, only to sink it a little bit, meeting the steelhead half way through the water column.



Fall is, on average, the most productive time to swing flies for summer steelhead here in the Willamette valley, and a great time to be on the Deschutes as the run moves its way upstream.


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Eugene Area Summer Steelhead Report: The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers are Fishing Well


We are blessed with a bumper crop of summer steelhead this season in the Willamette valley; the numbers of fish streaming over Willamette Falls far exceed annual averages. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had ideal water conditions, and lingering spring-like weather which have, no doubt, helped encourage the fish to bite.



Swinging flies, whether out of the boat with single-handed rods, or spey casting and stepping through runs, has been very productive. In my boat, most of the fish have come on light to medium-density sink tips and unweighted flies. In shallower lies, floating lines and intermediate tips are also producing well.


This is a great time of year to get out and swing for steelhead on the Willamette and its tributaries, but the fishing should continue to improve as more fish stack into area streams.


Early summer is usually a great time to be out fishing, but hands down September and October are the most productive months to swing for steelhead in area streams. In the fall, the sun shines at a softer angle, the fish become more trout-like and bite better, and fishing pressure tapers off.


I still have a number of days available througout the late summer and fall. If anyone reading this is interested in getting out and experiencing some of the best summer steelhead fishing our area has to offer, please give me a call or drop an email!


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McKenzie River Fishing Report: A High Water Spring Leads to Some Great Fishing For Native Redsides

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow

Western Oregon has seen more than its share of precipitation this Spring. There have been some high water, but in the last several weeks very fishable conditions. Higher than average flows and cool water have scared off a lot of anglers, but the fishing for nice native trout on the upper McKenzie has been good.

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow

With the water back up again over the last couple of days, nymphing tactics continue to find most of the big fish, although there have been some good afternoon mayfly hatches have brought some nice fish to the surface, particularly on warmer days.

Upper McKenzie River Scenery

Over the next couple of weeks, the water should drop and the surface fishing will improve. Golden Stoneflies will appear on the menu, while Green Caddis and Green Drake hatches will continue.

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow

It is remarkable how little pressure I have seen up there. Just before Memorial Day, I went 7 days straight guiding the upper McKenzie, saw neither another boat nor angler, and enjoyed some great fishing.

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow

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